Takuro Shimizu

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  • T Shimizu
  • The Journal of veterinary medical science
  • 1993
To demonstrate the prevalence of Toxocara eggs in sandpits in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, sand samples were examined. Of 46 sandpits surveyed, 29 sandpits (63.3%) had Toxocara eggs. Sandpits in public parks and playgrounds in residential areas were more contaminated (87.5%) with the eggs than those in kindergartens, schools, and children's centers (36.4%).(More)
The mammalian immune system is classified into two categories, innate and adaptive immunity, and innate immunity is an immunological first line of defense for the mucosal immune system. Toll-like receptors (TLRs) play critical roles in innate immunity, as they recognize specific molecular patterns found in microbial pathogens, and the activation of TLRs is(More)
Requirements for a system are often discovered during negotiation process, at the time when stakeholders of the system are thinking over their premises or backgrounds behind other stakeholders' requirements, rather than at the time when stakeholders thinking about their own requirements. Disagreements and conflicts between stakeholders are utilized as a(More)
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