Takuro Kuribara

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The computer mouse has been used for more than 40 years; users, however, can only perform simple actions. To solve this problem, we present "Sinkpad", an augmented mouse pad that has a malleable surface consisted of an elastic material. Sinkpad augments mouse functionality by allowing the user to sink the mouse into the pad and tilt the mouse on the pad. In(More)
Current standard PIN entry systems for mobile devices are not safe to shoulder surfing. In this paper, we present VibraInput, a two-step PIN entry system based on the combination of vibration and visual information for mobile devices. This system only uses four vibration patterns, with which users enter a digit by two distinct selections. We believe that(More)
Users often connect two mobile devices at close range to transfer files such as pictures and movies from one device to another. In this paper, we present HoverLink, a new form of joint interactions on two mobile touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets using hover sensing capability. HoverLink allows users to connect two devices, manipulate the(More)
Reaching objects displayed on the opposite side of a large multi-touch tabletop with hands is difficult. This forces users to move around the tabletop. We present a remote pointing technique we call HandyPointing. This technique uses pull-out, a bimanual multi-touch gesture. The gesture allows users to both translate the cursor position and change(More)
A large multi-touch tabletop has remote areas that the users might not reach by their hands. This forces users to walk around the tabletop. In this video, we present a novel remote control technique which we call HandyScope. This technique allows users to manipulate those remote areas. Moreover, users can transfer an object between the nearby area and the(More)
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