Takuro Kawasaki

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The NO/sub x/ removal from air streams has been investigated using a packed-bed plasma reactor. In this study, BaTiO/sub 3/ pellets are prepared at various sintering temperatures by the authors and the effect of sintering temperature of the pellets on NO/sub x/ removal are studied experimentally. The packed-bed plasma is generated by a 25 kHz AC high(More)
Keywords: time-of-flight Laue-type single-crystal neutron diffractometer; MLF/J-PARC; sub-millimetre crystals; extreme sample environments. SENJU is a new single-crystal time-of-flight neutron diffractometer installed at BL18 at the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility of the Japan Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC). The diffractometer was(More)
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