Takuro Kajihara

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Microstructure of trabecular bone has been examined with a particular emphasis on surface curvatures in two-phase (trabecular and intertrabecular space- i.e., marrow space) structures. Three trabecular bone samples, quantified as "plate-like," "rod-like," and a mixture of these two structural elements according to the structure model index (SMI), were(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate transient process of the charring at the laser catheter-tip in blood during therapeutic laser irradiation by the back scattering light measurement to detect precursor state of the charring. We took account of using photodynamic therapy for arrhythmia in blood through the laser catheter. We observed the influence(More)
Bicontinuous morphologies are ubiquitous in nature and occur at various length scales. Topological features of two such morphologies arising in an ordered block copolymer at equilibrium and a polymer blend during spinodal decomposition are measured from three-dimensional images. Interfacial curvature, coordination number, and interjunction distance(More)
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