Takuro Ishii

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Voiding dysfunction is common in the aged male population. However, the obstruction mechanism in the lower urinary tract and critical points for obstruction remains uncertain. The aim of this paper was to develop a system to investigate the relationship between voiding dysfunction and alteration of the shape of the prostatic urethra by processing endoscopic(More)
INTRODUCTION Transurethral surgery is widely accepted as standard therapy for male urethral obstruction. The present study was undertaken to identify and select lesions to be managed by processing endoscopic images of the urethra for assisting less invasive therapy in patients with voiding dysfunction. MATERIAL AND METHODS Cystourethroscopic video files(More)
The relationship between the protein composition of rice and nitrogen compounds (amino acids and oligo-peptides) in the produced sake were investigated using endosperm protein mutant rice (LGC-1, LGC-Jun, Kx433, QA28), sake rice (Yamadanishiki) and cooking rice (Nipponbare, Nihonmasari, Koshihikari). The total nitrogen concentration, amino acid(More)
We investigated the brain hemodynamics of musicians by means of near infrared spectroscopy. The hemodynamics related to musical recognition processes in the human brain were investigated by utilizing a system based on NIRS. Optical absorption at 690 830 nm in the frontal and temporal lobes was measured when the subject was exposed to musical stimulation.(More)
BACKGROUND Water-filled laparoendoscopic surgery (WaFLES) has been proposed as a novel surgical system achieving a wide surgical field in the intra- and extraperitoneal space with continuous irrigation of isotonic fluid into the field. Despite its technical feasibility and advantages, the safety of the technique, particularly with respect to physiological(More)
PURPOSE To examine the efficacy of an alpha-1 blocker and its correlation to structural alteration of the prostatic urethra and the loss of energy in the urine flow using a virtual urethra processed from an endoscopic video image. MATERIALS AND METHODS Video images of the prostatic urethra were recorded during cystourethroscopy in 11 patients with benign(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgeries are performed under carbon dioxide insufflation. Switching from gas to an isotonic irrigant introduces several benefits and avoids some adverse effects of gas insufflation. We developed an irrigating device and apparatus designed for single-incision laparoscopic surgery and tested its advantages and(More)
Voiding dysfunction that results from bladder outlet (BO) obstruction is known to alter significantly the dynamics of urine passage through the urinary tract. To non-invasively image this phenomenon on a time-resolved basis, we pursued the first application of a recently developed flow visualization technique called vector projectile imaging (VPI) that can(More)
In laparoscopic surgery, surgeons often encounter paradoxical vision according to their position against the camera position. Such a paradoxical vision evokes confusion and surely deteriorates surgical performance. Previous researches indicated inverted mirror image is useful to compensate this problem though upside-down inversion makes depth sensation(More)
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