Takuro Fujii

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This paper describes a simulation model for predicting end-use energy in residential sectors of a city or region. In this model, the annual energy consumption of a dwelling is simulated from the occupants’ schedule of living activities, weather data and energy efficiencies of appliances and dwellings. By summing up the simulation results for various(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the initial and long-term outcomes of sirolimus-eluting stents (SES) and bare-metal stents (BMS) in patients with calcified lesions without performing rotational atherectomy. The subjects were 79 consecutive lesions (38 in the SES group and 41 in the BMS group) which were confirmed to have superficially calcified lesions(More)
We describe the growth of InP layer using an ultrathin III-V active layer that is directly bonded to SiO₂/Si substrate to fabricate a buried heterostructure (BH) laser. Using a 250-nm-thick bonded active layer, we succeeded in fabricating a BH distributed feedback (DFB) laser on SiO₂/Si substrate. The use of a lateral current injection structure is(More)
We have developed a novel nanoscale temperature-measurement method using fluorescence in the near-field called fluorescence near-field optics thermal nanoscopy (Fluor-NOTN). Fluor-NOTN enables the temperature distributions of nanoscale materials to be measured in vivo/in situ. The proposed method measures temperature by detecting the temperature dependent(More)
We demonstrate the continuous-wave operation of lambda-scale embedded active-region photonic-crystal (LEAP) lasers at room temperature, which we fabricated on a Si wafer. The on-Si LEAP lasers exhibit a threshold current of 31 μA, which is the lowest reported value for any type of semiconductor laser on Si. This reveals the great potential of LEAP lasers as(More)
For realizing selective adsorption of targeted molecules, a flexible metal-organic framework (MOF) was modified with monodentate secondary ligands. Although the modified MOF retains CO2 adsorptivities with a vertical adsorption uptake, the material also shows gate adsorptivities of a specific gas molecule that the pristine MOF does not adsorb.
InGaAs-embedded photonic crystal photodetectors were demonstrated towards realizing photoreceivers with small junction capacitance. A 1-A/W responsivity and a 40-Gb/s eye opening were successfully confirmed for the 1.7-μm-long device.
We demonstrate monolithic integration of a 50-μm-long-cavity membrane distributed-reflector laser with a spot-size converter, consisting of a tapered InP wire waveguide and an SiOx waveguide, on SiO<sub>2</sub>/Si substrate. The device exhibits 9.4-GHz/mA<sup>0.5</sup> modulation efficiency with a 2.2-dB fiber coupling loss. We demonstrate 25.8-Gbit/s(More)
In this paper, energy conservation policies are evaluated by a model, which simulates city-level energy consumption in the residential sector whilst considering the diversity of household and building types. In this model, all households in the city are classified by household and building type into 460 categories. The energy consumption for each household(More)