Takuro Fujii

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This paper describes a simulation model for predicting end-use energy in residential sectors of a city or region. In this model, the annual energy consumption of a dwelling is simulated from the occupants' schedule of living activities, weather data and energy efficiencies of appliances and dwellings. By summing up the simulation results for various(More)
The prospects for large scale commercialisation of sea-bed-mounted offshore windfarms are currently excellent, with the existing small-scale prototype windfarms currently being joined by the first large-scale parks in the shallow seas off the Danish, German, Swedish, Dutch, Belgian, British and Irish coasts. However other countries, including Japan, have(More)
We have developed a novel nanoscale temperature-measurement method using fluorescence in the near-field called fluorescence near-field optics thermal nanoscopy (Fluor-NOTN). Fluor-NOTN enables the temperature distributions of nanoscale materials to be measured in vivo/in situ. The proposed method measures temperature by detecting the temperature dependent(More)
InGaAs-embedded photonic crystal photodetectors were demonstrated towards realizing photoreceivers with small junction capacitance. A 1-A/W responsivity and a 40-Gb/s eye opening were successfully confirmed for the 1.7-μm-long device.
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