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PURPOSE To evaluate the diagnostic criteria for systemic sarcoidosis in diagnosis of ocular sarcoidosis. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Subjects were 105 ocular sarcoidosis suspects and 37 patients with other uveitis. We diagnosed ocular sarcoidosis suspects using the diagnostic criteria for systemic sarcoidosis proposed by the Japanese Committee for Diffuse Lung(More)
Although vaccination against feline calicivirus (FCV) infection is widespread in Japan, FCV-associated diseases are still a significant problem in cats. Thus, we developed a new trivalent inactivated vaccine, Kyoto Biken Feline-CPR, consisting of three FCV strains; one was the production strain of our previous vaccine, and the others were screened from 60(More)
A new inactivated and adjuvanted Chlamydophila felis vaccine was developed and its efficacy in cats was compared with that of commercially available inactivated and live vaccines. Two commercial vaccines conferred insufficient immunity on inoculated cats, as evaluated by antibody production and a challenge experiment, whereas cats administered the newly(More)
We investigated behaviors of the rabies virus matrix (M) protein using a monoclonal antibody (mAb), #3-9-16, that recognized a linear epitope located at the N-terminus of the protein. Based on the reactivity with this mAb, M proteins could be divided into at least two isoforms; an ordinary major form (Malpha) whose 3-9-16 epitope is hidden, and an(More)
We investigated multiple forms of rabies virus matrix (M) protein. Under non-reducing electrophoretic conditions, we detected, in addition to major bands of monomer forms (23- and 24-kDa) of M protein, an M antigen-positive slow-migrating minor band (about 54 kDa) in both the virion and infected cells. Relative contents of the 54-kDa and monomer components(More)
Identifying molecular determinants of virulence attenuation in live attenuated canine parvovirus (CPV) vaccines is important for assuring their safety. To this end, we identified mutations in the attenuated CPV 9985-46 vaccine strain that arose during serial passage in Crandell-Rees feline kidney cells by comparison with the wild-type counterpart, as well(More)
Wireless mesh networks have attracted attention as a technology that is fault tolerant and can easily be extended to wireless LAN areas. We try to connect to the Internet using battery powered wireless mesh networks during disasters. Reducing power consumption is important in battery powered wireless mesh networks as same as in wireless sensor networks. The(More)
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