Takumi Yabuki

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PURPOSE We evaluated the relations among the arterial carbon monoxide (CO) concentration, heme oxygenase (HO)-1 expression by monocytes, oxidative stress, plasma levels of cytokines and bilirubin, and the outcome of patients with severe sepsis or septic shock. METHODS Thirty-six patients who fulfilled the criteria for severe sepsis or septic shock and 21(More)
We performed CT myelography in 38 patients with cervical myelopathy before and after laminoplasty to enlarge the canal. The sagittal and transverse diameters, the cross-sectional area, and the central point of the spinal cord were measured. After cervical laminoplasty, the mean sagittal diameter of the spinal cord at C5 increased by 0.8 mm, but the mean(More)
Optical motion capture systems, which are used in broad fields of research, are costly; they need large installation space and calibrations. Applying this technology in typical homes and care centers is unrealistic. Low cost motion capture systems such as Microsoft Kinect are based on video, thus privacy issues might arise from their usage. Therefore we(More)
A preliminary study was conducted to evaluate the superior and inferior glenoid labra with abductive movement using an open-type MR unit in asymptomatic healthy volunteers. Both fast low angle shot (FLASH) and turbo spin echo (TSE) images were obtained to evaluate the shapes of both the superior and inferior labra, as well as to assess changes in signal at(More)
We reported a case of cervical myelopathy due to hypertrophy of the posterior longitudinal ligament (HPLL). A 56-year-old man who developed spastic gait and urinary disturbance was admitted to our hospital. Neurological examination disclosed muscle weakness and hyperreflexia in all extremities, and superficial sensory disturbance below Th 4. Neither plain(More)
The anterior and the posterior longitudinal ligaments (ALL and PLL) of the cervical spine were examined. The ALL and the deep layer of the PLL are continuous, and surround the vertebral body. The superficisl layer of the PLL surrounds the dura mater, nerve roots and the vertebral artery, suggesting that this membrane may serve as a protective membrane for(More)