Takumi Okada

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The representations of outer world in the brain are considered to be undertaken by spatiotemporal activity patterns of neuronal circuits. In this study, we analyzed the transition of the internal states of the circuit of rat hippocampal neurons cultured on a multi-electrodes-array-dish. We analyzed transition of center of gravity and 64-dimensional(More)
[RuCl2(CO)3]2/dppp is shown to be a highly effective catalyst system for the first intramolecular oxidative amination of a variety of aminoalkenes when it is used concomitantly with K2CO3 and allyl acetate in N-methylpiperidine, to give the corresponding cyclic imines and indoles in excellent yields. For example, the reaction of(More)
Pyranopyrandiones were prepared by a novel ruthenium-catalyzed carbonylative dimerization of cyclopropenones via C-C bond cleavage. For example, treatment of dipropylcyclopropenone with a catalytic amount of Ru3(CO)12 and NEt3 in THF under 15 atm of carbon monoxide at 140 degrees C for 20 h gave a novel functional monomer,(More)
We developed a high resolution Michelson interferometer with a two-frequency He-Ne laser positioning system in order to stabilize the relative phase of a pulse pair. The control resolution corresponded to a 12 as time resolution or a phase of 1.5 degrees at 900 nm. This high resolution Michelson interferometer can generate a phase-locked pulse pair either(More)
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