Takumi Kawamura

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Variations in otolith patterns, sizes and body morphometrics of jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus juveniles were investigated. Under transmitted light, translucent (W(t)) and opaque otoliths (W(o)) were detected in juveniles collected from Wakasa Bay between July 2005 and April 2006, whereas only opaque otoliths (G(o)) were detected in Goto-nada Sea(More)
This paper proposes 3-D OCT data denoising with nonseparable oversampled lapped transform (NSOLT), and examines the effectiveness through experiments. NSOLT is a lattice-based redundant transform which simultaneously satisfies the symmetric, real-valued and compact-support property. It is possible to apply a dictionary learning technique to the design by(More)
We have examined whether heavy meromyosin (HMM) consists of a single kind of active site by analyzing the changes in the relative MgATPase activity and the relative amplitude of the ATP-induced fluorescence enhancement of the protein when the fraction of HMM "affinity"-labeled by vanadate plus ADP was varied. The analysis is based on a prediction that these(More)
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