Takumi Gondaira

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Previous studies indicate that long-term dietary supplementation with arachidonic acid (AA) in 20-month-old rats (OA) effectively restores performance in a memory task and the induction of long-term potentiation in the hippocampus to the level of young control animals (YC). The present study examined protein mobility using the live cell imaging technique(More)
investigations have been reported concerning the vasopressor effects of angiotensin II. Angiotensin II has a direct peripheral action on the vascular wall,1), 2) releases catecholamines from the adrenal medulla,3) produces a greater output of noradrenaline at the peripheral nerve endings,4)-8) stimulates directly the post-synaptic neurons in sympathetic(More)
evidence to show the hepatotoxicity of e thanol at least at the level of hepatic enzymes. However, it was observed tha t e thanol intake affects to s t r eng then the hepatic damage induced by carbon te t rachlor ide and the recovery was delayed. The changes in pa t t e rn of serum free amino acids was not significant by ethanol adminis t ra t ion alone,(More)
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