Takuma Kawamura

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The Petaflow project aims to contribute to the use of high performance computational resources to the benefit of society. To this goal the emergence of adequate information and communication technologies with respect to high performance computing-networking-visualisation and their mutual awareness is required. The developed technology and algorithms will be(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel transfer function design technique for multivariate volume rendering. This technique generates a multidimensional transfer function by logical synthesis of variables and transfer functions. This technique enables analysts to extract correlation of variables and to combine multivariate surface and volume shapes. And this(More)
This seminar serves as a practical guide to Particle-Based Volume Rendering (PBVR) and its client-server system, which is one of a promising technique for large-scale visualization. The remote visualization using commodity software takes a long time from a few hours to a few days because of the explosive increase of the original data or polygon size,(More)
As the aged population increases, increasing numbers of people require walking support as the strength of their leg muscles deteriorates. We have developed a flexible power walking assistant system based on pneumatic artificial muscle. To date, the walking assistance effect of this approach has been validated in experiments, but few subjects were recruited.(More)