Takuma Ishida

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Invertible deinterlacing with variable coefficients is proposed to suppress comb-tooth artifacts caused by field interleaving of in-terlaced scanning video. A vertical highpass filter is applied to detect moving artifacts around boundaries of moving objects. The coefficients of a deinterlacing filter is varied depending on the motion intensity so that the(More)
This paper presents an implementation scheme of Motion-JPEG2000 (MJP2) integrated with invertible deinterlacing. In previous work, we developed an invertible deinterlacing technique that suppresses the comb-tooth artifacts which are caused by field interleaving for interlaced scanning videos, and affect the quality of scalable frame-based codecs, such as(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, theoretical properties of deinterlacer banks are analyzed. Deinterlacer banks are novel filter banks in the sense that a progressive video sequence is separated into two progressive video sequences of a half frame rate and, furthermore, interlaced sequences are produced as intermediate data. Unlike the conventional filter banks, our(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, a coefficient-parameter embedding method into Motion-JPEG2000 (MJP2) is proposed for invertible deinterlacing with variable coefficients. Invertible deinterlacing, which the authors have developed before, can be used as a preprocess of frame-based motion picture codec, such as MJP2, for interlaced videos. When the conventional(More)