Takuma Hagio

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We demonstrate low hysteresis threshold current (39 mA) bistable laser diodes (BLDs), with maintaining sufficient hysteresis window (7 mA, 18% of the hysteresis threshold), in active multimode-interferometer (MMI) using lateral-modes bistability. The sufficient cross-gain saturation effect, due to the lateral-modes bistability principle, enables wide(More)
High-speed (121/25 ps rise/fall time) and low-switching energy (7.1 and 3.4 fJ) all-optical flip-flop operation of single-wavelength high-mesa asymmetric active-MMI bi-stable laser diodes is demonstrated for the first time using 25 ps long switching pulses.
First CW single wavelength emission on active-MMI LDs (non-grating) at room temperature is demonstrated with SMSR of 31dB (λ=1.56µm). Eye-diagram was also confirmed at direct modulation (1.25Gbps, back to back).
Low hysteresis threshold current (39mA) was demonstrated using active multi-mode interferometer bi-stable laser diodes. Higher cross-gain saturation with significant reduction of saturable absorber region resulted in low threshold with maintaining wide hysteresis.
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