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We have developed new dimensionality reduction methods, extended from locality preserving projection (LPP), to estimate age using facial images. LPP seeks a linear transformation matrix such that optimally preserves the neighborhood structure of the data. Our focus has been on expanding LPP by making use of class label information. Specifically, one of our(More)
— Trie is one of the data structures for keyword matching. The trie is used in natural language processing, IP address routing, and so on. It is represented by the matrix form, the link form, the double array, and LOUDS. The double array combines retrieval speed of the matrix form with compactness of the list form. LOUDS is a succinct data structure using(More)
—For context-based recommendation systems, it is necessary to detect affirmative and negative intentions from answers. However, traditional studies cannot determine these intentions from indirect speech acts. In order to determine these intentions from indirect speech acts, this paper defines a recommendation tree and proposes an algorithm of deriving(More)
A study of a communication robot that aims to ease stress and to heal is very important. This paper develops a dialogue robot with haptic interactions, and two experiments are carried out to estimate the effects of dialogue and haptic interactions. From experimental results, the haptic interactions have more effective than dialogue in the interest(More)
— With a fast paced economy, organization need to make a decision as fast as possible, access to large text documents or other information sources is important during decision making. Unfortunately, there are many shortcomings of the handheld devices, such as limited resolution and narrow bandwidth. In order to overcome the shortcomings, this paper proposes(More)
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