Taku Shibata

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Ž . This study employed an airborne laser scanner to detect changes of buildings by acquiring a digital surface model DSM data of urban areas. Simple comparison between DSM data sets acquired at different occasions successfully detected building changes without omission errors. A CCD array image simultaneously acquired with the DSM data was also(More)
The Kobe earthquake in 1995 demonstrated an urgent need of developing a change detection mapping system of buildings with high temporal accuracy to save people from damaged buildings. An airborne laser scanning system (ALSS) is considered to have the potential of meeting such a need of detecting building changes in 3D shape because of its capability of(More)
Walk movement of a humanoid robot is necessary on undulation surface. However, efficiency is not so good because much energy losses occur by friction at the time of reaching the ground. Therefore, think about slide movement to assume the foot is a blade. This case, it is necessary to control balance because there are few ground contact areas. In this paper,(More)
The construction of the fluorescence detectors (FDs) of the Telescope Array (TA) experiment have been completed in June 2007, and the stereo observation have been started in June 2007. In this paper, we describe the development of the data acquisition (DAQ) system for the TA FD observations. The DAQ system of each TA FD station is comprised of 16 CPUs: 13(More)
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