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The folding of heat-denatured ovalbumin, a non-inhibitory serpin with a molecular size of 45 kDa, was examined. Ovalbumin was heat-denatured at 80 degrees C under nonreducing conditions at pH 7.5 and then cooled either slowly or rapidly. Slow cooling allowed the heat-denatured ovalbumin to refold to its native structure with subsequent resistance to(More)
The 'Carina Flare' supershell, GSH 287+04-17, is a molecular supershell originally discovered in 12 CO(J=1-0) with the NANTEN 4m telescope. We present the first study of the shell's atomic ISM, using Hi 21 cm line data from the Parkes 64m telescope Southern Galactic Plane Survey. The data reveal a gently expanding, ∼ 230 × 360 pc Hi supershell that shows(More)
Previously, we have performed the spin-polarized hybrid-density functional theory (HUDFT) calculations for elucidating magnetic properties of the two-dimensional (2D) K2NiF4 and K2CuF4 solids. In Part I, it has been concluded that the half-and-half-(HH-) type HUDFT method is one of the best calculation methods for these species. On the other hand, in Part(More)
Bis(hexafluoroacetylacetonato(hfac))manganese(II) coordinated with di(4-pyridyl)phenylcarbene, Mn(II)(hfac)(2)[di(4-pyridyl)phenylcarbene] (1a) and its copper analogue Cu(II)(hfac)(2)[di(4-pyridyl)phenylcarbene] (2a) have attracted great interest from the viewpoint of photoinduced magnetism. The complexes 1a and 2a are regarded as the new d-pi-p conjugated(More)
PURPOSE A dearth in pediatric drug development often leaves pediatricians with no alternative but to prescribe unlicensed or off-label drugs with a resultant increased risk of adverse events. We present the current status of pediatric drug development and, based on our data analysis, clarify the problems in this area. Further action is proposed to improve(More)
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