Takeyuki Fujimura

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Effects of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) on neurons of the rat dorsolateral septal nucleus (DLSN) were examined by intracellular and whole-cell patch-clamp recording techniques. An outward current was induced by 5-HT (1-100 microM) in a concentration-dependent manner. The EC(50) for 5-HT was 4.8 microM. Also, 8-OH-DPAT (10-100 microM) produced the outward(More)
This study attempts to investigate the development of sensorineural hearing loss following a head blow without skull fracture in association with physiological and histopathologic changes in an experimental animal model. With the head in a freely movable position, albino guinea pigs were given a single blow to the occipital region by a head blow device. At(More)
The role of intermediate cells (ICs) in the stria vascularis (SV) of the cochlear ducts in the generation of endocochlear potential (EP) is clear because certain mutants cannot generate EP. Recent reports have shown that endothelin (ET) stimulates or inhibits the function of Na+, K(+)-ATPase in various organs. This study was designed to examine the(More)
Immunoreactivities of endothelin-1, endothelin-3, endothelin receptor type A, and Na,K-ATPase were investigated in the stria vascularis of adult male WBB6F1 +/+ mice and in that of W/Wv mutants lacking strial intermediate cells. In the +/+ mice, electron microscopic immunoreactivity for the endothelins was seen on the rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi(More)
Dominant white spotting W/W(v) and W(v)/W(v) mice are well-known mutants that lack strial intermediate cells in their cochlea and manifest hereditary sensorineural hearing loss. We recently reported marked thickening of and IgG deposition on the basement membrane of strial capillaries in W/W(v) mutant mice, similar to observations made in aged animals and(More)
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