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— This paper describes an AlGaN/GaN FET power amplifier module delivering a continuous wave (CW) output power of more than 20 W at 26 GHz. To achieve high breakdown characteristics with reduced current collapse and high gain, we have developed a 0.2 µm-long recessed-gate AlGaN/GaN FET with a field-modulating plate (FP), achieving high operation voltage of(More)
A recessed-gate AlGaN-GaN field-modulating plate (FP) field-effect transistor (FET) was successfully fabricated on an SiC substrate. By employing a recessed-gate structure on an FP FET, the transconductance was increased from 150 to 270 mS/mm, leading to an improvement in gain characteristics, and current collapse was minimized. At 2 GHz, a 48-mm-wide(More)
This paper describes the small-signal characterization through delay-time analysis and high-power operation of the Ka-band of AlGaN/GaN heterojunction field-effect transistors (FETs). An FET with a gatewidth of 100 /spl mu/m and a gate length of 0.09 /spl mu/m has exhibited a current gain cutoff frequency (f/sub T/) of 81 GHz, a maximum frequency of(More)
Japan Atomic Energy Agency as the JApan Domestic Agency (JADA) for ITER and the Domestic Agency of EU (EUDA) agreed the procurement sharing for the ITER NBI power supply system. The JADA contributes procurement of dc-1 MV ultra-high voltage (UHV) components such as a-1 MV dc generator, a transmission line and a-1 MV insulating transformer. The dc UHV(More)
Major issues of NBI power supplies are a high-speed switching, regulation and transmission of dc ultra high voltage, and suppression of surge energy input to the beam source at breakdown. A GTO(gate turn off thyristor) inverter type power supply where the control is performed at low voltage ac side was designed for the ITER NB. Based on the remarkable(More)
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