Taketoshi Morimoto

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BACKGROUND Skeletal muscle tissue holds a large volume of water partitioned into extracellular water (ECW) and intracellular water (ICW) fractions. As the ECW may not be related to muscle strength directly, we hypothesized that excluding ECW from muscle volume would strengthen the correlation with muscle strength. METHODS A total of 119 healthy men aged(More)
Physical activity level (PAL) is associated with all-cause mortality in the elderly. However, few studies have attempted to clarify the relationship between lifestyle and PAL in the elderly. This study aimed to examine the determinants of PAL in the elderly in terms of behavioral patterns and exercise intensity, and to validate the simplified physical(More)
Dr. Yas Kuno was a pioneer in the field of sweat gland physiology. He trained many research scientists who formed the first generation of thermal physiologists. In turn, these investigators recruited qualified investigators, forming the second and third generations of thermal physiologists. At present, the third and fourth generations of investigators are(More)
The correct TEE (kcal day −1) = (3.9/FQ + 1.1) × rCO 2 (L day −1). Thus, the correct TEE is proportional to 1.2 times (22.4/18.02) higher than the miscalculated TEE. Presentation of the calculation of the correction factor of 1.2. The miscalculated TEE was used to estimate the physical activity level (PAL). With the corrected TEE, the average PAL increases(More)
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