Taketo Tsunoda

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The EMI noise of an IGBT/IEGT (injection enhancement gate transistor) circuit is significantly reduced by introducing a new device design criterion. The design criterion improves dV/sub CE//dt controllability during the IEGT turn-on transient without sacrificing the featured low saturation voltage of the IEGT structure. The perfectly floating p-well region,(More)
We have successfully added ps temporal resolution to scanning tunneling microscope (STM) light emission spectroscopy. STM light emission spectra of Sb2Te3 were measured in the configuration that the tip sample gap of the STM is irradiated by a pair of pump and probe laser pulses with a duration less than 2 ps each, and were analyzed as a function of optical(More)
A novel 600 and 1200 V IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) family has been developed for operation at more than 20 kHz with sufficient ruggedness. It was found that turn-off loss can be reduced by optimizing the n/sup -/ layer thickness as well as the n/sup +/ buffer impurity profile. A thick n/sup -/ layer was found to be an important factor in(More)
Previous studies have researched how developer experience affects code quality, but they ignore work difficulty, although experienced developers are more likely to work on the more complex parts of a project. To examine work difficulty, we focus on revised files. Using product metrics, we evaluate file complexity in each type of file origin. Specifically,(More)
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