Takesuke Muteki

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BACKGROUND Local anesthetics are known to inhibit the voltage-gated sodium current (INa) of the nerve membrane, but it has not been fully studied whether anesthetic concentrations of local anesthetics depress the voltage-gated calcium current (ICa) of mammalian neurons. The effects of local anesthetics on ICa evoked in cultured rat dorsal root ganglion(More)
Intralaminar thalamic nuclei have been considered to be a component of the non-specific sensory system which is involved in physiological functions related to consciousness and pain sensation. The effect of halothane on membrane potentials and synaptic properties of neurons of the parafascicular (Pf) nucleus in guinea pig brain slices was investigated using(More)
The mechanism underlying the anticonvulsant action of 'Saiko-Keishi-To' (SK), the Japanese herbal medicine, was examined using whole-cell patch-clamp recording from cultured rat dorsal root ganglion cells. Neurons were held at -60 mV and perfused with an internal solution containing a high concentration of Cl-. Under these circumstances, SK produced an(More)
The effect of acupuncture on the cardiovascular system was studied in 23 healthy males in a cross-over design comparing acupuncture and a placebo pill by measuring skin blood flow and the function of the heart. Acupuncture was found to have a modulatory effect on skin blood flow (correlation coefficient (r) = -0.68; p < 0.0005) and heart rate (r = -0.56; p(More)
The hemodynamic relationship between renal venous pressure (RVP) and renal blood flow (RBF) during PEEP was investigated using adult mongrel dogs. When continuous mechanical ventilation (CMV) with 10 cm H2O of PEEP was applied to dogs previously on CMV with zero PEEP, RVP increased from 6.6 to 8.7 mm Hg (p less than .01), and left RBF decreased from 66 to(More)
Unsuspected prolonged exposure to abnormal environmental (very high frequency) electro-magnetic fields (EMF), electric fields (EF) or magnetic fields (MF) at 60 Hz or 16K Hz in the bedroom or workplace may contribute to the development of various intractable medical problems. Most of the clinical symptoms appear when the individuals are exposed to EMF for(More)
Most frequently encountered causes of intractable pain and intractable medical problems, including headache, post-herpetic neuralgia, tinnitus with hearing difficulty, brachial essential hypertension, cephalic hypertension and hypotension, arrhythmia, stroke, osteo-arthritis, Minamata disease, Alzheimer's disease and neuromuscular problems, such as(More)
This study evaluated the use of double-burst stimulation (DBS) in the diagnosis of significant post-operative residual neuromuscular blockade. Ninety patients were allocated to three equal groups. In Group A the degree of residual neuromuscular blockade was assessed by clinical criteria (CC) only; in Group B by CC and manual evaluation of the response to(More)
The Accerograph® is one of the latest development in the field of neuromuscular transmission monitoring! (fig. 1). This system is based on the use of a miniature accelration transducer that is fastened to the thumb. Stimulation is performed via the ulnar nerve at the wrist in the same way as with the conventional method. However, it is not necessary to fix(More)