Takeshi Tanaka

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A 78-year-old man who had presented with a left hemiparesis was hospitalized and diagnosed as having cerebral infarction. He developed a rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis and a massive hemorrhage of the alimentary tract, and was serologically positive for perinuclear pattern antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibody (p-ANCA). He passed away 19 days after(More)
A 67-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital with progressive aphasia. There was no family history of similar diseases or any history of dura transplantation. Cranial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed high signal areas in the temporal and parietal cortex predominantly on the left side on both T2-weighted images and on diffusion-weighted images.(More)
A case of akinetic mutism was reported with reference to a marked improvement by levodopa, bromocriptine and trihexyphenidyl. A 39-year-old male, first seen on February 2, 1981, had an occipitalgia, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. For several months before this consultation, the patient had suffered from asthenopia. Brain CT scan and cerebral angiogram(More)
A 31-year-old man had back pain, weight loss, fever, and paraplegia, with radiographic evidence of a left upper lobe lesion and lytic lesions in ribs and vertebral bodies. Gallium uptake was increased over the spine. At surgery we found a paraspinal abscess due to Actinomyces israelii. The patient responded to surgery and penicillin therapy. This is the(More)
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