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  • T Suzue
  • 1984
An in vitro preparation was described for studying electrical activity of mammalian brain stem and spinal cord. The brain stem and the spinal cord were isolated from 0-4-day-old rats, placed in a bath and perfused with modified Krebs solution. Various reflex responses could be recorded from cranial nerves by stimulation of other cranial nerves. The(More)
The transplacental perfusion method enables the in vitro maintenance and close observation of live mouse fetuses under conditions free of maternal influences. In the present study, this method was used to detect spontaneous movements of mouse fetuses in early developmental stages. When mouse fetuses at embryonic day (E) 12.5 were isolated together with the(More)
An in vitro brainstem-spinal cord preparation of the newborn rat was used to examine the effects of neurotransmitters and transmitter candidates on respiratory frequency. Spontaneous periodic depolarization of the spinal ventral roots of the 4th or 5th cervical segment was observed at a frequency of 5-15 min-1 constantly for more than 5 h. The frequency of(More)
The principles underlying the variations in patterns of mammalian embryonic movements have not been established. In an attempt to clarify the mechanism that is responsible for the variations in motor patterns, we carried out a precise quantitative spatiotemporal analysis of movements in mouse embryos, using a transplacental perfusion method for the in vitro(More)
The actions of various peptides were studied using isolated spinal cord preparation of newborn rat. Vasopressin, substance P, thyrotropin releasing hormone, bombesin, gastrin releasing peptide, oxytocin, neurotensin, cholecystokinin-octapeptide and angiotensin II produced marked depolarizing responses of motoneurons with threshold concentrations of 5 X(More)
Spinal cord axons display a rostrocaudal, positional bias in their innervation of sympathetic ganglia and intercostal skeletal muscles. In an effort to examine the molecular basis of this positional specificity, we used the cyclophosphamide immunosuppression method to produce monoclonal antibodies that bind preferentially to rostral ganglia. The staining(More)
1. The effect of hypoxia on synaptic transmission between hair cells and afferent fibers was examined in the sacculus of goldfish. For this, we recorded potentials, intracellularly, from large afferent fibers. Anoxia was introduced by perfusing the gill with water deprived of oxygen or by halting the water flow to the gill. 2. The ear of the goldfish is(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the new Japanese School Absentees Reporting System for Infectious Disease (SARSID) for pandemic influenza A/H1N1 2009 infection in comparison with the National epidemiological Surveillance of Infectious Disease (NESID). METHODS We used data of 53,223 students (97.7%) in Takamatsu city Japan. Data regarding school absentees in SARSID(More)
To investigate the changes in temperatures in Okayama area compared with different levels of three urbanization areas such as Tsuyama, Tokyo areas and Hachijo island in Japan. in Japan was obtained from Japan Meteorological Agency. Changes in temperatures in 4 areas in Japan were analyzed and compared. By using data from 1943 to 2009, some parameters of(More)
The link between high temperatures and ambulance transports in Takamatsu area, Japan was investigated. Monthly observations for ambulance transports (2004-2008) were obtained from Fire Department Service in Takamatsu. Data of temperatures in Takamatsu area, Japan (2004-2008) were used by Japan Meteorological Agency. Effect of high temperatures on ambulance(More)