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Nowadays, the trend of developing micro-processor with tens of cores brings a promising prospect for embedded systems. Realizing a high performance and low power many-core processor is becoming a primary technical challenge. We are currently developing a many-core processor architecture for embedded systems as a part of a NEDO's project. This paper(More)
Though the size of the system is getting larger towards exa-scale computation, the amount of available memory on computing nodes is expected to remain the same or to decrease. Therefore, memory efficiency is becoming an important issue for achieving scalability. This paper pointed out the problem of memory-inefficiency in the de-facto standard parallel(More)
The issue of halo communication is the decrease of parallel scalability. To overcome the issues, we have introduced "Halo thread" to our simulation code. However, we have not solved the issue basically in the strong scaling. In this study, we have developed the Halo functions which perform the halo communication effectively. Then we can perform the(More)
This paper proposes a new hardware barrier mechanism which offers the flexibility to select which cores should join the synchronization, allowing for executing multiple multi-threaded applications by dividing a many-core processor into several groups. Experimental results based on an RTL simulation show that our hardware barrier achieves a 66-fold reduction(More)
This paper investigates a possible architecture to a dynamically adaptable processor. In this architecture, the running application is profiled and dynamic traces of high frequently executed loops (hot paths) are detected. The proposed online profiling methodology is mainly hardware-based so that overhead can be reduced as much as possible. Studying the(More)
This work describes SysteMorph, a feedback directed dynamic, online and adaptive hardware/instruction set architecture (JSA)/software co-optimization technology. The technology enables to optimize performance, power, and consumption energy for a system dynamically. We describe SysteMorphs elemental technologies those are an online profiling, a dynamic(More)
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