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Heterogeneous multicores have been attracting much attention to attain high performance keeping power consumption low in wide spread of areas. However, heterogeneous multicores force programmers very difficult programming. The long application program development period lowers product competitiveness. In order to overcome such a situation , this paper(More)
Previously, we described a novel nucleolar protein, NOP132, which interacts with the small GTP binding protein RRAG A. To elucidate the function of NOP132 in the nucleolus, we identified proteins that interact with NOP132 using mass spectrometric methods. NOP132 associated mainly with proteins involved in ribosome biogenesis and RNA metabolism, including(More)
The yeast ubiquitin-like and ubiquitin-associated protein Dsk2 is one of the ubiquitin receptors that function in the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. We screened the Dsk2-interacting proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by a two-hybrid assay and identified a novel Dsk2-interacting protein, Irc22, the gene locus of which has previously been described as(More)
This paper describes the planning and control of the cooperative space robot systems used to assemble large-scale flexible structures such as Space Solar Power System. One of the major challenges in the assembly process would be the handling of dimensional mismatch between the two structures to be joined. To track the vibrating structures before the grasp,(More)
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