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Multicentric Castleman disease (MCD) is an atypical lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by systemic lymphadenopathy and constitutional inflammatory symptoms. Dysregulated overproduction of interleukin-6 is responsible for the clinical abnormalities. This multicenter prospective study was undertaken to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a humanized(More)
Prostate cancer is difficult to visualise in its early stages using current imaging technology. The present study aimed to clarify the utility of 11C-choline PET for localising and evaluating cancer lesions in patients with prostate cancer by conducting a prospective comparison with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging combined with proton MR spectroscopy. PET(More)
Balaenoptera omurai, formerly classified as a small form of Bryde's whale, was recently reclassified as a new baleen whale species of the family Balaenopteridae. Although researchers have investigated the evolutionary history of Balaenopteridae and their relatives using molecular phylogenetic methods, the taxonomy of the ordinary Bryde's whale (Balaenoptera(More)
Specific efflux transporters, such as P-glycoprotein, have been shown to confer drug resistance by decreasing the intracellular accumulation of anticancer drugs. Understanding influx transporters, as well as efflux transporters, is essential to overcome this resistance. We report the expression profile and pharmacological characterization of an organic(More)
Divergent natural selection acting on ecological traits, which also affect mate choice, is a key element of ecological speciation theory, but has not previously been demonstrated at the molecular gene level to our knowledge. Here we demonstrate parallel evolution in two cichlid genera under strong divergent selection in a gene that affects both. Strong(More)
UNLABELLED (18)F-(E)-N-(3-iodoprop-2E-enyl)-2β-carbofluoroethoxy-3β-(4-methylphenyl)nortropane ((18)F-FE-PE2I) is a new PET radioligand with a high affinity and selectivity for the dopamine transporter (DAT). In nonhuman primates, (18)F-FE-PE2I showed faster kinetics and less production of radiometabolites that could potentially permeate the blood-brain(More)
Although turtles (order Testudines) constitute one of the major reptile groups, their phylogenetic relationships remain largely unresolved. Hence, we attempted to elucidate their phylogeny using the SINE (short interspersed repetitive element) method, in which the sharing of a SINE at orthologous loci is indicative of synapomorphy. First, a detailed(More)
INTRODUCTION Dormant pulmonary vein (PV) conduction can be provoked by adenosine triphosphate (ATP) after extensive encircling pulmonary vein isolation (EEPVI). However, the clinical implication of reconnection between the left atrium (LA) and isolated PVs provoked by ATP (ATP-reconnection) remains unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS We studied the clinical(More)
Epidemiological studies suggest that green tea consumption is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Antioxidative properties of green tea flavonoids, catechins, have been believed to be involved in the antiatherogenic effect of green tea, since catechins inhibit low density lipoprotein oxidation. The migration of vascular smooth muscle(More)
OBJECT Concussion is a common injury in ice hockey and a health problem for the general population. Traumatic axonal injury has been associated with concussions (also referred to as mild traumatic brain injuries), yet the pathological course that leads from injury to recovery or to long-term sequelae is still not known. This study investigated the(More)