Takeshi Sakanoi

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[1] We present state‐of‐the‐art multiple instrument observations of an isolated substorm on October 12, 2007. The auroral breakup was observed simultaneously by Reimei, THEMIS ASI, and PFISR. The footprint of Geotail was also near the breakup. These observations allow for detailed study of the breakup location in terms of large‐ and small‐scale auroral(More)
Jupiter's magnetosphere is a strong particle accelerator that contains ultrarelativistic electrons in its inner part. They are thought to be accelerated by whistler-mode waves excited by anisotropic hot electrons (>10 kiloelectron volts) injected from the outer magnetosphere. However, electron transportation in the inner magnetosphere is not well(More)
Hirobumi Saito Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan e-mail koubun@isas.jaxa.jp Takahide Mizuno, Koji Tanaka, Yoshitsugu Sone, Seisuke Fukuda, Shin-ichiro Sakai, Nobukatsu Okuizumi, Makoto Mita, Yosuke Fukushima, Masafumi Hirahara, Kazushi Asamura, Takeshi Sakanoi, Akira Miura, Toshinori Ikenaga, and(More)
We provide an overview of data products from observations by the Japanese Venus Climate Orbiter, Akatsuki, and describe the definition and content of each data‐processing level. Levels 1 and 2 consist of non‐calibrated and cali‐ brated radiance (or brightness temperature), respectively, as well as geometry information (e.g., illumination angles). Level 3(More)
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