Takeshi Ohtomo

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Motion control techniques are employed on nanoscale positioning in precision mechanical equipment, for example, NC machine tools, exposure systems, and so on. In our past paper, we designed and fabricated an experimental 1-DOF precision stage. Then, we achieved a high-speed nanoscale positioning and a master-slave synchronous position control with another(More)
Potentiostatic cathodic electrodeposition of ZnTe was investigated from the viewpoint of the effect of pH on the deposits’ composition and crystallinity using citric acidic electrolytic baths, in which Zn(II) and Te(IV) species were dissolved to form ZnH2Cit þ, ZnHCit, ZnCit , Zn(Cit)2 4 and HTeO2 þ, HTeO3 , respectively (Cit: citrate) at various pH. The(More)
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