Takeshi Ohdaira

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Single port access (SPA) surgery is a laparoscopic procedure using only one transumbilical-placed port. Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) offers the possibility of surgery without visible scars. To address the access and stability problems in SPA and NOTES, we developed a device called rigid-flexible outer sheath. This sheath can be(More)
We have developed a new generation device called rigid-flexible outer sheath with multi-piercing surgery (MPS) to solve the issues of tissue closure, triangulation, and platform stability in natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES), and the problems of restricted visual field, organ damage, and removing a resected organ from body in(More)
We developed a flexible port for NOTES which allows the use of conventional forceps for laparoscope-assisted surgery without change. The port is not affected by the location of the through hole in the gastrointestinal tract or vagina which elicits a problem in conventional NOTES, and its length can be adjusted during surgery by cutting the port itself. The(More)
The re-emission yield of ortho-positronium (o-Ps) into vacuum outside mesoporous silica films on glass is measured in reflection mode with a specially designed lifetime (LT) spectrometer. Values as high as 40% are found. The intensity of the 142 ns vacuum LT is recorded as a function of re-emission depth. The LT depth profiling is correlated to the 2γ and(More)
Chemical and non-chemical contributions to breath-holding time (BHT) were directly determined by using a visual analog scale (VAS). These values were compared with those indirectly calculated from the method proposed by Godfrey and Campbell (1968). The magnitude of non-chemical factor at low PCO2 in our study was substantially less than the one obtained by(More)
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