Takeshi Nakatani

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Exploration and mining of natural resources in the region of seabed are needed for lasting economic growth, because an abundance of natural resources, including rare metal, is in Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The cost down of exploration and mining is an important issue for industrialization. It is well known that unmanned and/or autonomous(More)
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) has been developing three autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). And one of them is “Otohime”. The aim of this vehicle is the underwater environment research and the seabed mineral resources exploration. One of main missions is to get the detailed seafloor map. So some new(More)
In this study, we build a Kaleckian model incorporating institutional differences between the wage determination of regular employment and that of non-regular employment. Using this model, we investigate how an employment shift toward regular workers affects the capacity utilization rate and income distribution. Our results show that while such shift in(More)
In many countries a rise in relative share of skilled labor and an increase in wage differentials between skilled and unskilled laborers are observed. We set up a model composed of two types of laborers, one is regular and organizes a labor union strong enough to bargain and another is non-regular, part-time laborers and deprived of bargaining power. We(More)
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