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Radiocarbon ((14)C) provides a way to date material that contains carbon with an age up to ~50,000 years and is also an important tracer of the global carbon cycle. However, the lack of a comprehensive record reflecting atmospheric (14)C prior to 12.5 thousand years before the present (kyr B.P.) has limited the application of radiocarbon dating of samples(More)
StarBED is a network testbed begun in 2002 focused on running actual program code for software and hardware implementations. As hardware technologies develops, its facilities such as PCs and network equipments have been updated and we additionally developed SpringOS, a software support suite consisting of numerous program modules. The performance of StarBED(More)
Pollen records from the annually laminated sediment sequence in Lake Suigetsu, Japan, suggest a sequence of climate changes during the Last Termination that resembles that of the North Atlantic region but with noticeable differences in timing. An interstadial interval commenced a few centuries earlier [approximately 15,000 years before the present (yr(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term intake of long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs), especially eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is associated with a low risk for cardiovascular disease. Phase-contrast cine cardiovascular magnetic resonance (PC cine CMR) can assess coronary flow reserve (CFR). The present study investigates the relationship between CFR(More)
Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma (DDCS) is a rare and aggressive bone tumor with poor prognosis. Primary DDCS of the mobile spine is extremely rare, particularly in the cervical spine. We herein describe a first case of cervical DDCS in an 81-year-old male presenting with a slowly growing mass. Radiographs showed an expansion of the cortical contour of the(More)
This paper explains an implementation of new media "SuiPo," or Suica Poster, which uses a combination of IC card ticket "Suica" and Internet accessible mobile phone. Customers can get e-mail information by touching their IC card ticket on the reader located near the poster. Two pilot tests are conducted before the service has begun. The first test revealed(More)
This study examined the associations between the complexity of an individual's primary lifetime occupation and his or her late-life memory and reasoning performance, using data from 824 community-dwelling participants aged 69-72 years. The complexity of work with data, people, and things was evaluated based on the Japanese job complexity score. The(More)
This study developed a Japanese version of the Valuation of Life (VOL) scale, to measure psychological wellbeing among older adults. In Analysis 1, we conducted a factor analysis of 13 items, and identified two factors: positive VOL and spiritual well-being. These factors had adequate degrees of internal consistency, and were related to positive mental(More)
This paper explains the development of an information terminal for a rural station and its background system. The information terminal, which we call 'IT scarecrow', displays traffic information based on a train location system. It is designed like a scarecrow to blend into a rural station. The service the system provides depends mainly on passengers'(More)
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