Takeshi Mizuno

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Silicon field-effect transistors have now reached gate lengths of only a few tens of nanometers, containing a countable number of dopants in the channel. Such technological trend brought us to a research stage on devices working with one or a few dopant atoms. In this work, we review our most recent studies on key atom devices with fundamental structures of(More)
The impact of dopant atoms in transistor functionality has significantly changed over the past few decades. In downscaled transistors, discrete dopants with uncontrolled positions and number induce fluctuations in device operation. On the other hand, by gaining access to tunneling through individual dopants, a new type of devices is developed:(More)
We developed two labeling methods for the direct observation of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), using a ssDNA binding protein and a ssDNA recognition peptide. The first approach involved protein fusion between the 70-kDa ssDNA-binding domain of replication protein A and enhanced yellow fluorescent protein (RPA-YFP). The second method used the ssDNA binding(More)