Takeshi Mizuma

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Condition monitoring of railway tracks, vehicles are essential in ensuring the safety of railways (Goodall et al., 2006, Buruni et al., 2007). In the field of road traffic, research is proceeding to acquire detailed traffic flow information and reflect it in traffic control by using cars that are regarded as “probes” with an information-obtaining function(More)
The characteristics of new electromagnetic apparatus with functions of propulsion and non-contact power collection for a future wireless tram are studied analytically. The apparatus operates as a linear motor or a linear transformer. The finite element method (FEM) and the special integral equation method (IEM) are used for the analysis. On the linear(More)
Promoting a modal shift from automobiles to public transportation is an effective strategy in solving transportation problems. We developed a Traffic Flow Simulator to study the effects of introducing public transportation methods. This simulator not only simulates automobiles and public transportation systems running in parallel, but also calculates(More)
The characteristics of linear transformer are studied analytically. The transformer is composed in one of modes of linear motor-transformer apparatus proposed for future wireless light rail vehicle (LRV). The secondary (onboard) power factor can be adjusted at any value by an onboard converter. The equivalent circuit is used to study the transferred power(More)
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