Takeshi Miyagawa

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BACKGROUND The prognosis of cutaneous angiosarcoma (CAS), especially for patients with tumours > 5 cm has been reported to be dismal, even after conventional surgery and radiotherapy (S + RT). OBJECTIVES To demonstrate the efficacy of chemoradiotherapy with taxane (T + RT) and maintenance chemotherapy. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed 16 patients(More)
Guinea pig epidermal DNAase I was purified from an epidermal extract by a procedure including DEAE-cellulose chromatography, Sephadex G-100 gel filtration and Con A-Sepharose affinity chromatography. The purified enzyme contained no detectable activities of acid DNAase, alkaline RNAase, phosphodiesterase or acid or alkaline phosphatase, but was contaminated(More)
Two cases of recurrent breast cancer, for which combined therapy using toremifene and oral chemotherapeutic agents were effective, are reported. In case 1, high-dose toremifene (120 mg/day) and 5'-DFUR were administered to a forty-seven-year-old woman with lung metastasis of estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer, who had been previously treated with(More)
Effects of morphine (1 mg/kg i.v.) were examined on evoked potential of somatosensory afferent pathways elicited by tooth pulp stimulation in cats. Results were as follows: In central gray (CG) of the midbrain which has a triphasic evoked potential with a short latency, morphine decreased the amplitude. In nucl. lateralis posterior(LP) and nucl. medialis(More)
Effects of intravenously administered morphine on the evoked potentials of the amygdala elicited by tooth pulp stimulation were examined in cats. The various evoked potentials were observed in regions of the amygdala such as nucleus amygdaloideus centralis (pars lateralis), nucleus amygdaloideus basalis (pars magnocellularis), nucleus amygdaloideus basalis(More)