Takeshi Matsuoka

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The relative complex dielectric permittivity, ⑀*ϭ⑀ЈϪi⑀Љ, of ice has been measured in the frequency range 5–39 GHz and in the temperature range 190–265 K. The cavity resonator method at 5 and 10 GHz and the open resonator method at 33 and 39 GHz were used to determine the low dielectric loss of ice. The real part of permittivity ⑀Ј was independent of the(More)
This paper describes a model-based grasp planner for an articulated multi-fingered robotic hand. The planner searches for an initial grasp from which a required continuous motion of an object is achieved using fingertips alone while keeping rolling contact with the object. An adaptive search strategy has been developed and implemented : the error analysis(More)
Navigation and localization are two important issues which need to be addressed in order to let robots work in the human living environment. We believe that it is not always necessary to build a robot system with a precise and accurate navigation in some situations. For example, those cases where a robot is programmed for guiding way in a building(More)
NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan) have developed a high performance airborne SAR system (Pi-SAR2) since 2006, as a successor to the Pi-SAR (X-band). Pi-SAR2 system is installed to the Gulfstream II business jet. Two antenna radomes are mounted under the base of both wings. Table 1 shows the observation mode and(More)
Keywords: Logical loop Boolean equation Exact method Reliability analysis GO-FLOW a b s t r a c t This paper presents an exact method for solving logical loops in reliability analysis. The systems that include logical loops are usually described by simultaneous Boolean equations. First, present a basic rule of solving simultaneous Boolean equations. Next,(More)