Takeshi Kuniga

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We developed a 384 multiplexed SNP array, named CitSGA-1, for the genotyping of Citrus cultivars, and evaluated the performance and reliability of the genotyping. SNPs were surveyed by direct sequence comparison of the sequence tagged site (STS) fragment amplified from genomic DNA of cultivars representing the genetic diversity of citrus breeding in Japan.(More)
Most citrus tristeza virus (CTV) strains infect almost all Citrus species and have caused serious damage on citrus production in many countries. Poncirus trifoliata (trifoliate orange) has a single dominant resistance gene effective against a broad range of CTV strains. P. trifoliata is sexually compatible with Citrus species, and introgression breeding(More)
Fruit-quality trait improvement is an important objective in citrus breeding; however, fruit breeding programs often accumulate highly unbalanced phenotypic records, which are a serious obstacle in comparing and selecting genotypes. The best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) method can be used to overcome these difficulties, but few fruit breeding programs(More)
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