Takeshi Kumaki

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This paper presents a scalable FPGA/ASIC implementation architecture for high-speed parallel table-lookup-coding using multiported content addressable memory, aiming at facilitating effective tablelookup-coding solutions. The multi-ported CAM adopts a Flexible Multiported Content Addressable Memory (FMCAM) technology, which represents an effective parallel(More)
In current super scalar processors, branch target buffer (BTB) is an important component for predicting branch target addresses. In deeper pipelines and large windows, BTB mis-prediction increases penalty. Hence, increasing the accuracy of BTB prediction became more important for enhancing the performance in current processors. This paper proposes a novel(More)
This paper presents a ternary multi-ported content addressable memory (CAM) architecture utilizing asynchronous multiple search-operation technology, aiming at efficient high throughput of associative-search operations. The asynchronous multiple search-operation technology adopts a Flexible Multi-ported Content Addressable Memory (FMCAM) architecture, which(More)
component for predicting branch target addresses to improve the performance of superscalar processor. However, BTB misprediction increases penalty by using deeper pipelines and larger windows in a current processor. Hence, increasing the accuracy of BTB prediction has become more important. This paper proposes a novel BTB that separates current BTB into(More)