Takeshi Kotani

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Properties of the Olami-Feder-Christensen (OFC) model of earthquakes are studied by numerical simulations. The previous study indicated that the model exhibited "asperity"-like phenomena, i.e., the same region ruptures many times near periodically [T. Kotani, Phys. Rev. E 77, 010102(R) (2008)]. Such periodic or characteristic features apparently coexist(More)
Synaptogyrins are conserved components of the exocytic apparatus and function as regulators of Ca2+-dependent exocytosis. The synaptogyrin family comprises three isoforms: two neuronal (synaptogyrin-1 and -3) and one ubiquitous (synaptogyrin-2) form. Although the expression patterns of the exocytic proteins synaptotagmin-1, SNAP-25, synaptobrevin-2 and(More)
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