Takeshi Koide

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A parallel redundancy has been researched in a great amount of literature on reliability theory. In the real circumstances, however, it is seldom observed except some systems that require much higher reliability. This is because most of the literature only look at the manufacturer’s point of view. The present study carries out an economic analysis of an(More)
Horizontal and sagittal dipole layer distributions were estimated from scalp electroencephalogram for three dimensional dipole imaging of brain electrical activity. Horizontal dipole layer being parallel to the brain surface has been used in previous head models. In the present study, the dipole layer distribution in the sagittal plane was also introduced(More)
All-terminal reliability is one of the measurements to evaluate the reliability for network systems. Since it may need exponential time of the network size to compute the exact value of all-terminal reliability, it is important to calculate its tight approximate value, especially its lower bound, at a moderate calculation time. Ramanathan and Colbourn have(More)
The present study proposes a theoretical model to discuss an optimal pricing strategy for the installbase business under monopoly. The installbase business considered here is such that a manufacturer deals in a system along with its replaceable parts as expendable supplies which are indispensable for the system to provide its services. The proposed model(More)
In many network design problems, the best layout of components is searched considering construction cost and network reliability. Because of #P-completeness for computation of network reliability, most algorithms for the problems find approximate solutions. In this paper, we propose a complete enumeration method for the network design problems, which(More)
Use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) or the computer communication using electronic messaging has increased tremendously in recent years. Also the modern networks that support ICT are robust, i.e., its failure due to links, routing protocols, congestion etc is rare and as a result, the estimation of the overall reliability of the(More)
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