Takeshi Kodaka

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This paper describes multigrain parallel processing on a compiler cooperative chip multiprocessor. The multigrain parallel processing hierarchically exploits multiple grains of parallelism such as coarse grain task parallelism, loop iteration level parallelism and statement level near-fine grain parallelism. The chip multiprocessor has been designed to(More)
In this paper, we propose a scalable and transparent parallelization scheme using threads for multi-core processor. The performance achieved by our scheme is scalable to the number of cores, and the application program is not affected by the actual number of cores. For the performance efficiency, we designed the threads so that they do not suspend and that(More)
New media processing applications such as image recognition and AR (Augment Reality) have become into practical on embedded systems for automotive, digital-consumer and mobile products. Many-core processors have been proposed to realize much higher performance than multi-core processors. We have developed a low-power many-core SoC for multimedia(More)
We developed a method that predicts the required number of cores for executing threads in the near future on a many-core processor. It is designed for low power consumption without performance degradation. The evaluation result confirmed the proposed method is effective on a 32-cores processor.
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