Takeshi Kikuchi

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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate factors that may improve the condition of a marginal kidney preserved with a normothermic solution following cardiac death (CD) in a model of rat kidney transplantation (RTx). METHODS Post-euthanasia, Lewis (LEW) donor rats were left for 1 h in a 23°C room. These critical kidney grafts were preserved in(More)
A 60-year-old right-handed man showed dysprosody and agnosia for environmental sounds. His mother tongue was Japanese, and he could not speak foreign languages. He gradually developed difficulty in speaking from the age of 57 years, speaking non-native Japanese. In addition, he often complained of difficulty in hearing sounds, but audiometry showed no(More)
Objective We developed a novel luciferase-based viability assay for assessing the viability of hearts preserved in different solutions. We examined whether this in vitro system could predict heart damage and survival after transplantation in rats. Design By our novel system, preserved heart viability evaluation and transplanted heart-graft functional(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Organs harvested from a body lapsing into circulatory deficit are exposed to low O2/high CO2, and reach a critical point where original functionality after transplantation is unlikely. The present study evaluates the effect of respiratory assistance using Chlorella photosynthesis on preservation of the rat pancreas from the(More)
BACKGROUND Semi-solidification by gelation or increased viscosity could slow the influx of liquid enteral nutrition (EN) into the small intestine. A liquid EN formula containing pectin that gels under acidic conditions such as those found in the stomach has been developed. A new near-infrared fluorescent imaging reagent was used to non-invasively acquire(More)
We evaluated long-term dynorphin A-immunoreactivity in the rat area postrema (AP) after the administration of cisplatin. First, rats were given 1, 5 and 10mg/kg body weight cisplatin (i.p.) and their behavior was monitored for 72h. We observed a delayed increase in pica 24-72h after injection, compared to the 24h before injection. We attributed this to the(More)
An 84-year-old male with a 3-month history of headache and elevated C-reactive protein levels was admitted for biopsy of the superficial temporal artery, which led to the diagnosis of giant cell arteritis (GCA). Two days after prednisolone therapy was initiated, the patient began to experience transient vertigo attacks. Two days later, dysarthria,(More)
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