Takeshi Kamioka

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The physiological and pharmacological functions of the 20-kDa human GH (20K-hGH) isoform are unknown. We conducted a pharmacokinetic study of recombinant 20K-hGH in human subjects (Phase I clinical trial). Placebo or 20K-hGH was administered sc to normal men (20-31 yr of age, n = 6-8 per group) at 2100 h. Serum 20K- and 22K-hGH levels were monitored every(More)
The somatogenic action of the 20 kilodalton human growth hormone (20 K) was studied using the spontaneous dwarf rat (SDR), which has an isolated GH deficiency. Saline or 2.5 microg, 10 microg, or 100 microg/rat/day of recombinant 20 K or 22 K was administered to prepubertal male and female SDRs for 10 days. Their body weights, serum IGF-I, glucose and(More)
BACKGROUND Two molecular forms of human GH (hGH) have been shown to be biologically active. The 20 kDa form has been reported to have weaker diabetogenic and lipolytic actions than the 22 kDa form. OBJECTIVE To analyze the carbohydrate metabolism of 20 kDa and 22 kDa hGH, using the adult male spontaneous dwarf rat (SDR), which is GH deficient. DESIGN(More)
Intranigral injection of muscimol induced hyperactivity in rats and antagonized haloperidol-induced catalepsy. Intranigral injection of gabaculine, an inhibitor of GABA transaminase, induced similar effects 5h after injection, when the nigral GABA content was increased 7-fold. On the other hand, injections of muscimol (30 ng) into the globus pallidus(More)
A 72-year-old Japanese man was admitted to our hospital complaining of right upper-quadrant abdominal pain, blood in his stool, and symptoms of anemia. On physical examination a hard mass, about 6 cm in diameter, was palpable in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. Computed tomography revealed a gallbladder carcinoma which had invaded the transverse(More)
Urinary N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (U-NAG) activities were measured in 62 patients surgically treated in our clinic. The results obtained were as follows: The preoperative U-NAG activities were 9.53 +/- 8.63 IU/day in patients in elective operations, and 31.39 +/- 23.47 IU/day in cases in emergency surgery or exploratory laparotomies. The U-NAG(More)