Takeshi Kamimura

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In extravasation of T cells, little is known about the mechanisms of transendothelial migration subsequent to the T cells' tight adhesion to endothelium. To investigate these mechanisms, we developed a monoclonal antibody (mAb), termed anti-4C8, that blocks transmigration but not adhesion in a culture system in which high CD26-expressing (CD26(hi)) T cells(More)
The problem of reconstructing large-scale, gene regulatory networks from gene expression data has garnered considerable attention in bioinformatics over the past decade with the graphical modeling paradigm having emerged as a popular framework for inference. Analysis in a full Bayesian setting is contingent upon the assignment of a so-called structure(More)
than 75 percent of acute gouty attacks affect a joint in the lower extremity, especially the first metatarsophalangeal joint, a condition known as podagra. In the order of decreasing frequency, joint involvements of gout include the instep, the ankle, the knee, the wrist and the fingers. Here, we describe a rare case of arthritis in the wrist joint caused(More)