Takeshi Igarashi

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Herein we describe an electroactive substrate that was designed to turn on the migration of mammalian cells. The migration of cells is important in many developmental and disease processes that are temporally regulated. [1] Mechanistic studies of cell migrationÐwhich depend on specific interactions of cell-surface receptors with ligands of the extracellular(More)
OBJECTIVES It has been elucidated that psychiatric disorders are associated with impairment of the brain neural network. Reduction in brain size and hypoplasia of the basal ganglia and corpus callosum have been reported in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). It is believed that the formation of the neural network is influenced by alcohol exposure during(More)
Purpose We developed a production system for performing renovation work with increased use of pre-cut and pre-fabrication elements. To develop this system, a faithful 3D-CAD model of an existing building was made using a 3D-laser scanner. The purpose of this research is to develop a method for positioning the pre-cut and pre-fabrication elements precisely(More)
  • Shintaro Sakamoto, Naruo Kano, Takeshi Igarashi, Hiroki Kishimoto, Hirohiko Fujii, Yuji Oosawa +2 others
  • 2011
In many cases of renovation work, it is very difficult to gain sufficient information about the existing building such as the positions and dimensions of the frame, interior and equipment because of incomplete or missing drawings. As a result, it is necessary to fabricate the parts on the construction site. We have been developing a system for measuring(More)
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