Takeshi Hoshino

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Electron microscopic studies have been made of the epithelial reticular cells of the thymus in mice of both sexes ranging in age from 5 to 8 weeks. The epithelial cells generally have long cytoplasmic processes by which they are interconnected and form a network throughout the organ. The processes adhere tightly to one another by desmosomes. At the surface(More)
Three-dimensional displays are drawing attention as next-generation devices. Some techniques which can reproduce three-dimensional images prepared in advance have already been developed. However, technology for the transmission of 3D moving pictures in real-time is yet to be achieved. In this paper, we present a novel method for 360-degrees viewable 3D(More)
We developed Layered Touch Panel that expands the interaction techniques of touch panel. Layer Touch Panel has two touch panel layers, so that it is able to distinguish two touch states such as "finger on screen" and "finger above screen". With the structure, Rollover effect and Pick & Drop that are not available in normal touch panel are available in(More)
In the general stress response of Bacillus subtilis, which is governed by the sigma factor σ(B), stress signalling is relayed by a cascade of Rsb proteins that regulate σ(B) activity. RsbX, a PPM II phosphatase, halts the response by dephosphorylating the stressosome composed of RsbR and RsbS. The crystal structure of RsbX reveals a reorganization of the(More)
The epithelial reticular cells of the thymic medulla of the golden hamster were studied by electron microscopy. On the basis of their structural details two cell types are distinguished, although the two types are similar in basic structure. The cells of one type are more extended in shape and darker in appearance. They are connected with one another by(More)
The development and maturation of Langerhans cells during the differentiation of skin was studied in mice from fetal day 13 to adult using 3 indices: (1) ATPase activity; (2) ultrastructure; and (3) quantitative evaluation of the cell population. ATPase-positive Langerhans cells appeared in the epidermis at first at fetal day 16, and they increased in(More)
Fibrous components other than collagen fibrils in the reticular fiber of mouse lymph node were studied by electron microscopy. Bundles of microfibrils not associated by elastin and single microfibrils dispersed among collagen fibrils were present. The diameter of the microfibrils was 13.29±2.43 nm (n=100). Elastin-associated microfibrils occurred at the(More)
A recently developed novel Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr alloy (Ti-Ta) was investigated physically and chemically, and the results suggested it to be a possibly suitable dental material. In this study we analyzed the effects of the alloy, in comparison with those of other dental metals, on the adhesion, spreading, and proliferation of human gingival fibroblasts (Gin-1(More)