Takeshi Horinouchi

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE MR spectroscopy allows the noninvasive evaluation of in vivo brain metabolites. Our purpose was to use this technique to assess metabolic alterations in the human cerebrum during growth, maturation, and aging. METHODS Ninety normal human brains in subjects aged 4 to 88 years were examined with multivoxel proton MR spectroscopy.(More)
It is recognized that the resolved tropical wave spectrum can vary considerably among general circulation models (GCMs) and that these differences can have an important impact on the simulated climate. A comprehensive comparison of low-latitude waves is presented for the December–January–February period using high-frequency data from nine GCMs participating(More)
The authors argue that certain aspects of the rotational, synoptic-scale disturbances of the wind field that are observed in ITCZ or monsoon trough regions can be understood by considering the linear response of a dry, initially resting atmosphere to a pulse of heating whose amplitude and spatial and temporal scales are characteristic of a large mesoscale(More)
The western Pacific subtropical high (WPSH) has a significant effect on droughts, heat waves, and tropical cyclone tracks over East Asia and the northwest Pacific. The WPSH has intensified during the past three decades, but its causes are not yet well understood. Here we show that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) is responsible for the long-term(More)
In recent years, many data centers and research groups provide data on geophysical fluids such as the atmosphere and oceans through the Internet along with on-line visualization. However, their services are not available once data files are downloaded. This paper presents open-source software named Gfdnavi developed to reduce the limitation and to support(More)
Recent improvement of high-end GPUs has made it possible to perform real-time 3D visualization such as volume rendering and 3D contour plot for scientific data locally. A web browser based remote 3D visual-ization by visualization servers is attractive, but data transfer overhead prevents from performing interactive operations. We propose an interactive(More)
Urinary bladder smooth muscle (UBSM) exhibits spontaneous contraction. This spontaneous mechanical activity is myogenic and can be closely related to the UBSM cell action potential to facilitate Ca2+ influx through voltage-gated Ca2+ channels. In the present study, to know whether this membrane electrical event is the exclusive mechanism to trigger(More)
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