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Central acinic cell carcinoma of the mandible. Case report.
Central acinic cell carcinoma (of the mandible) is rare, and, to our knowledge, only seven cases of this disease have been reported in the literature. A case in a 67-year-old Japanese woman isExpand
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Growth rate of lung cancer recognized as small solid nodule on initial CT findings.
INTRODUCTION To study the characteristics of lung cancer, appearing as small solid nodules on initial computed tomography (CT) findings, and to determine an appropriate follow-up duration so as toExpand
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舌癌311例中4例 (1.3%) で舌リンパ節転移を確認した。これら舌リンパ節転移はT2もしくはT3の扁平上皮癌症例で, その転移部位は外側舌リンパ節3例, 正中舌リンパ節1例であった。またこれら4例中3例は他の頸部リンパ節転移を伴っていた。舌リンパ節転移の術前診断は舌リンパ節が小さく, 原発巣と近接しているために困難であるが,Expand
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A case of posterior disc displacement of the TMJ treated by arthroscopic surgery
A 62-year-old woman was referred to our clinic because of pain in the left TMJ on chewing and maximal mouth opening. She had had difficulty in closing her mouth immediately after yawning three monthsExpand
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Condylar Reconstruction by Vertical Sliding Ramus Osteotomy
Abstract A convenient method for condylar reconstruction through vertical ramus sliding osteotomy after condylectomy of the mandible is described. The method utilises the submandibular approachExpand
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Efficacy of mouthguards against sports injuries
Although mouthguards are used to protect the stomatognathic region in contact sports, their biomechanical efficacy has not been proved. The finite element method (FEM) is widely used in biomechanicalExpand
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A technique for preventing wildlife intrusion via the intersection between drainage ditches and fences: Deer, macaque, raccoon dog, fox, and badger damage management
Abstract Properly installed and maintained fences are effective for mitigating crop damage by mammals; however, drainage ditches intersect fences and reduce the fence effectiveness. Cattle gates andExpand
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