Takeshi Hattori

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Diverse cellular processes such as autophagic protein degradation require phosphoinositide signaling in eukaryotic cells. In the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris, peroxisomes can be selectively degraded via two types of pexophagic pathways, macropexophagy and micropexophagy. Both involve membrane fusion events at the vacuolar surface that are(More)
AIM In this study, we examined the efficacy of whole body hyperthermia (WBH) on obesity-induced insulin resistance in diabetic mice. METHODS Male db/db mice were treated with WBH 3 times per week for 12 weeks. The rectal temperature of mice reached 38.0 degrees C 5 min after heating, and was kept at 38.0 degrees C for 30 min. At the end of each week, tail(More)
A crude enzyme preparation from Penicillium multicolor efficiently produced mainly gentiotriose to gentiopentaose (d.p. 3-5) by transglycosylation using a high concentration of gentiobiose as the substrate. The resulting gentiotriose was examined in a gustatory sensation test using human volunteers, and was determined to have one-fifth of the bitterness of(More)
This paper proposes symbol replica candidates reduction type QRM-MLD using simple quadrant detection for 4-by-4 MIMO/SDM system with 16 QAM. Though MLD is known as the optimal SDM signal detection algorithm, its computational complexity is exponential in the number of transmit antennas (van Zeltst et al). As the signal detection algorithm that can greatly(More)
A novel location estimation with maximum log-likelihood function using joint probability function (PDF) of received signals and prior measured signals is proposed in order to improve the accuracy of the location estimation of mobile station (MS). We assume a spatial correlation between the received signals and the prior measured signals in the vicinity of(More)
Although ganglioside GD3 levels are highly elevated in malignant melanomas, the role of GD3 in melanomas' malignant properties has not been clearly shown. To investigate this problem, we genetically generated GD3-positive (GD3+) transfectant cells from a GD3-negative (GD3-) mutant line SK-MEL-28-N1 and analyzed the phenotypic changes in the transfected(More)
Vac8 is a yeast vacuolar membrane protein involved in vacuolar membrane dynamics, e.g., vacuole inheritance and vacuolar membrane fusion. This protein is also necessary for a subset of autophagic pathways that deliver specific cellular components to the vacuole. In this study, we show that the micropexohagy and vacuole inheritance required distinct domain(More)
Abstract. The statistics of multi-field inflation are investigated using the stochastic approach. We analytically obtain the probability distribution function of fields with the scaling approximation by extending the previous work by Amendola. The nonGaussian nature of the probability distribution function is investigated decomposing the fields into the(More)
OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is one of the most promising technologies for next-generation high-speed mobile communications. However, it has a high PAPR (Peak-to Average Power Ratio) and requires wide dynamic range of transmission linearity. We propose a new simple system to dramatically reduce PAPR with a combination of CI (Carrier(More)