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Ordered attribute grammars (OAGs for short) are a useful class of attribute grammars (AGs). For some attribute grammars, even though they are not circular, OAG circularity test reports that they are not ordered and fails to generate attribute evaluators because some approximation introduces circularities(called type 3 circularities in this paper). First we(More)
Argumentation, whether philosophical or formal and mathematical, is a discipline of interdisciplinary nature, per se. The recent works on the computational argumentation formalism and their foundations, however, have rested only on logic or logical account. In this paper, we reconsider Dung's seminal argument acceptability notion in the context of Heider's(More)
Argumentation is a leading principle both founda-tionally and functionally for agent-oriented computing where reasoning accompanied by communication plays an essential role in agent interaction. We constructed a simple but versatile neural network for neu-ral network argumentation, so that it can decide which argumentation semantics (admissible, stable,(More)